Long exposure shots - Zeelandbrug

I went for a dive yesterday in Zeeland, one of the southern provinces of the Netherlands. The dive itself was lovely. We spotted a gigantic sea needle, two open peacock worms and even a very tiny cuttlefish. You'll have to imagine all those as I do not possess underwater equipment. Yet. :-) While everyone else went for a drink afterwards, I decided to linger for a bit. I drove criss cross through the beautiful landscape trying to spot som birds. I did see a lot: pheasants, hares, falcons, a common buzzard, swallows and lots of gulls. Most of them fled before I could get a good shot. I then decided to try my hand at something else as the sunset was approaching and I set up my tripod next to t

Trip to Estonia

Just came back from a three day trip to Estonia, visiting mostly the capital and its outskirts. This Baltic state holds the EU presidency from 04/07/2017 till 31/12/2017 at a time when there is no shortage of crises. Then again, I can hardly remember a time when there was no crisis in the EU. Estonia is home to just 1,3 million people, most of them quite lovely (there is alway exceptions). They speak Estonian, which has 14 cases and is therefore one of the most difficult languages in Europe. Only Finnish is supposed to be more difficult. They are very avid users of all things digital and one of the frontrunners in Europe. They even have paperless cabinet meetings. The capital city, Talinn h

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