Long exposure shots - Zeelandbrug

I went for a dive yesterday in Zeeland, one of the southern provinces of the Netherlands. The dive itself was lovely. We spotted a gigantic sea needle, two open peacock worms and even a very tiny cuttlefish. You'll have to imagine all those as I do not possess underwater equipment. Yet. :-)

While everyone else went for a drink afterwards, I decided to linger for a bit. I drove criss cross through the beautiful landscape trying to spot som birds. I did see a lot: pheasants, hares, falcons, a common buzzard, swallows and lots of gulls. Most of them fled before I could get a good shot.

I then decided to try my hand at something else as the sunset was approaching and I set up my tripod next to the famous Zeelandbrug. In the past I had tried taking long exposure shots but they failed most of the time. This time the conditions were perfect. I combined a Lee hard grad filter for the sky with a big stopper (p stops) and I finally remembered to turn off the autofocus on both lens and body (a D810). Here are the results, taken with a Nikkor f2,8 24-70 at shutter speeds between two and four minutes.

Let me know what you think.

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