Gosam Lake

During my last trip in Korea I went to Gosam lake in Anseong. It was a tip from my Korean father in law and we didn't regret it.

We set out at 5.30am, to catch the sunrise at 6,15 and drove through deserted unlit streets with the windows continuously fogging up. We had some spooky moments when we got there in the dark as we had to park next to a graveyard. The life size Mc Donald clowns people had put there as direction indicators did not help either.

It was used in the Kim Ki Duk film 'The Island' and it lived up tp its reputation as one for the most scenic places in Korea. Arriving there in the dark and then seeing the sun slowly getting up was one of the highlights of the whole trip.

The floating houses you see in these pictures are used by fisherman who come here from around the province. At that time in the morning they were deserted.

I thought the pictures lent themselves quite well to some experimenting in photo editing software. below are some of the results.

I counted around five photographers who had the same idea as us but unfortunately my Korean is still too limited to strike up a conversation so I kept myself to nodding and smiling and trying not to get in their frame.

Once the sun came up and he for disappeared the magical feeling dissipated. But ten it was time for my other lens and for my other passion: chasing birds. I might write something about that next time.

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