Day two at the hide

Last month I managed to liberate another day to go and get some more experience in hide photography. For those not familiar with the concept: it consists in sitting quietly in a purposely built hut equipped with mirroring glass. It allows you to observe nature in a way not normally possible as most animals will spot you long before you spot them. There are hides dedicated to many different types of animals but most of them are built for bird photography.

This hide was specialized for forest birds like woodpeckers, nuthatches and tree-creepers. As usual there were tits a plenty.

But most spectacular was the buzzard that showed up and stayed for a long while before it was attacked by another buzzard (female as you can see from its bigger size)

This is the moment he heard the female buzzard circling ahead.

The attack was quick and unexpected. So fast did it pass that I didn't even have the time to switch to the needed shutter speed :-(

In the end the female buzzard won and stayed to finish the pigeon that was put there as feed.

Most of the hides have some water in front of them as most birds tend to like a bit of a dip when no-one is watching.

Here are some more birds I saw that day: finch, thrush, blackbird.

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