Day three at the hide

Another day, another hide. I really got bitten by the virus and headed north once again. This time the goal was to capture the elusive Water Rail, a wetland bird that is quite shy and runs off into the reeds instead of flying off when spooked. It has a fierce look that belies its shyness.

As if I needed proof you always need to be attentive in these huts, a sparrow hawk showed up after about half an hour. I managed to snap some shots but they all had some reflection in them form the uncovered window on the side. Often these huts have multiple viewpoints which you can over with curtains when you are not looking through them. It's best to close them as they let in light which can cancel the effect of the mirror glass and scare the animals away. Anyway, this is the best shot I managed this time.

Later in the day I got a visit from a buzzard but that one was so far away from me I won't show you the 'that's a bird, that thing back there'-picture.

I did however get some visits from other birds. Some pigeons.

A starling with a gummy leg!

A female blackbird

Loads of water fowl

Wagtails (both the White one and the Western Yellow Wagtail

A couple finches

A crow

And the ever present wooden duck.

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